Sharon Manning Page USA Canyons

Back to reality after 16 months away

Sharon Manning Page USA Canyons

December 2014 Slot Canyons, Page, USA – Photo credit – Stephen Manning

I am feeling truly blessed to have travelled the world for the last 16 months with my best friend.  Since our return our friends have asked us a wealth of questions not about the destinations so much but more about how we managed certain things like our money, our relationship, the languages, eating out etc.  These I will address in time and share with you all the How’s, Where’s and What’s.

But today I want to share with you my passion.  Being away from my business gave clarity and some time to think about what I want to do with it when I returned AND where I want to take it in the future.  What I really missed was making friends.  My clients almost always become my friends and we tend to keep in touch with each other, albeit not regularly, but Facebook allows me to continue a relationship with them no matter where I am.  Watching how much the kids have grown since our last shoot.

So some decisions have been made focusing more on what makes me happy when it comes to work.  But I can’t really call what I do “WORK” because I LOVE what I do.  My families are where my heart lies and spending about an hour or so with them really lifts my spirits when it comes down to it.  Capturing their relationships with each other and snapping that secret look between Mum and Dad or the kids enjoying a few minutes running wild with their parents permission.  I love the adrenalin rush I get when a shoot is over and can’t wait to get home to see what I’ve got.

I’ve enjoyed my little diversion into the world of Landscape and Architecture photography and I have learned so much BUT trees don’t really interact that much, do they?  When we arrived in Vietnam back in December my inner joy lit up when I realised the country was far more about the people than the architecture.  I suddenly realised what I wanted to focus on when I got home.

So families is where it’s at for me.  That’s what makes me happy!…….SO…..I will be taking family portrait bookings as of NOW!

Back to reality after 16 months away - Sharon Manning Photography Book Now
Where would you like to meet?  At the beach (no shoes required)?  At your local park? At your favourite Winery? OR Do you have a special location in mind?

The choice is yours just make it soon so that we can take advantage of this amazing Summer weather we are having.

You can find out what’s included in your package here


Sharon Manning Photography Book Now

Give me a call to discuss your thoughts and ideas on what your family portraits should look like!
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It’s good to be back!

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