Matilda the Motorhome

Meet Matilda the Motorhome

Matilda the Motorhome

On the 12th June, we picked up our new (oldish) Motorhome from Southern Motorhomes in Maidenhead England.  A very exciting day indeed.

Matilda the Motorhome

We talked about travelling in a Motorhome for the next chapter of our adventures over and over again and then again for good measure.  Every time we discarded the idea we kept coming back and re-visiting the concept.

What influenced our decision?

Lots of things actually.

1. We could have the freedom of being where we wanted to be when we wanted to be, not having to make a train at 6.00am in the morning appealed to me.

2. We would be able to unpack and not travel out of a suitcase for a while……this definitely appealed to me!

3. Our house would be with us all the time, just on wheels.

4. We had the capital to outlay as an investment to purchase Matilda and found a guaranteed buy back that would make sure we got the bare minimum back once we had finished touring UK & Europe with the option of selling her ourselves if we want to as well.  This was the tipping point for me.  We could have purchased a Motorhome from anywhere, but the hassle of HAVING to sell it on our exit from the UK was not so appealing.  We will tell you more about the scheme in another blog post very soon.

5. Cooking our own meals again!  OK Steve cooking our meals again 😉

6. The cost of hotel accommodation in the UK was outrageous and our funds would soon dry up if we were to continue down this path.

7. You can only hire a car for a 30 day period, like we found out in the USA.  So finding somewhere to change our car ahead of time every 30 days was going to be painful.  You can take a longer lease type arrangement with Europcar I believe but you still have to renew the contract every 30 days.

8. Camping grounds in UK & Europe (we were told) have great facilities.

9. Freedom!

So we bit the bullet and after looking at a few a lot of different ones we settled on one with a rear kitchen which opens up the interior of the motorhome and making it look like it’s a bit more spacious than it actually is.

Here’s a video of the inside… kind I have only dabbled in video before and I sound kinda boring….in fact I might re-do it one day…….

We of course had to name her and after much thought we came up with an Aussie name of Matilda and so she was christened!

Our plan is to share a whole lot more than just destinations and pretty pictures along the way now, of course they will still be included but the Motorhoming world is huge here in the UK and Europe and information online is lacking somewhat and we hope to fill that gap from a travellers point of view. So stay tuned as Matilda waltzes her way along the roads of England, Wales, Scotland and beyond!

Sharon x


  1. I love it, is it easy to drive? and are the camping sites in the UK and Europe good? You are living part of my dream.

    1. Author

      Hi Linda, Yes she is very easy to drive just being a right hand drive in Europe you need a passenger to help with the traffic a little bit. Campsites in Europe are very good there are even themed ones LOL. Dreams are meant to be lived Linda 😉

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