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Photography rules are meant to be broken

Photography Rules are meant to be broken

I admire and read many fellow photographers blogs and from time to time I learn something new, or have that light bulb moment that someone agrees with me or thinks in a similar way when it comes to photography and making photographs.

Havana Cuba street gathering

I teach a beginners course about how to get your camera off Auto and when getting to know my students at the beginning of the workshop I like to mention that not all photographs follow all the rules.  If YOU like a photograph that is perhaps has the horizon right through the middle then that’s OK.  You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to make a great photograph.

Trinidad Cuba Street Soccer

Are there rules in Photography? Yes I believe there are but as my husband says on a regular basis, sometimes rules are meant to be broken.  I agree as long as breaking that rule doesn’t come at the detriment of one’s health or life.  I liken it to not driving on the “wrong” side of the road, you just aren’t going to do it are you if you want to live.  Ok I digress.

Eillean Donan Castle Scotland

Being free to photograph what I want, when I want for no-one except myself and satisfying my own need to feed my soul, has been nothing short of liberating, freeing, self-indulgent, call it what you will.  Therapy in abundance, 11 months worth actually.  I have small goals and little projects I have set myself in this time to keep me on my toes and some days I haven’t even picked up my camera and I haven’t once chastised myself for doing so.  In saying this, after just a few days of non-photography days I am yearning to feel the weight and comfort of my trusty DSLR in my hands once again.

The Liberty Clipper Bahamas

I have mentioned this before, but quite often I take in a scene that lays before me long before even contemplating taking a photograph.  I think the rules of photography are buried in my sub-conscience and when composing a scene through my viewfinder they often kick in without me even being aware of what I’m doing.

Cafe worker Oaxaca Mexico[/vc_column]

So it bears asking “Can a photographer untrain what they have learned to make a perfect photograph?”  Yes, I think I have but it has taken time stepping away and believing in what I’m doing rather than producing a photograph for a paying client.  This then leads to “What makes a perfect photograph?” A feeling makes a perfect photograph.  If an image raises an emotion of any kind then it’s perfect.  This leads me back to “If you like it, then that’s all that matters!”

Anglesey Wales Lighthouse

Does this mean I have crossed the invisible line from Professional Photographer to Artist? Perhaps, I will have to ponder that one a little bit longer.  Value comes into the equation too, not a dollar value, but self value.

A road somewhere

I think that’s where I’m at right now, if I like it then that’s all that matters.

Sharon x

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